How can Flash be enabled or disabled in Browsers?

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hnuecke asked 1 year ago

This depends on the version of the browser!
Every new version “invents” a new strategy, logic, setting… And all browsers behave differently.

Here our latest findings (as of Feb. 2017):

Chrome 56

With version 56 of Chrome the standard way to enable/disable plugins no longer is supported.
Or in other words: The standard path chrome://plugins or about:plugins no longer shows all plugins!

And those listed cannto be disabled any longer; like Chrome’s “PDF Viewer”. Or disabling “Adobe Flash Player – Version:″ does nto have the expected effect:
Several websites still show Flash content!

See also these remarks on Chrome 57 and these comments about Google removing the Plugin Controls.

There still is a way to check details, though. You just have to remember this address: chrome://settings/content

Then a settings pop-up gives access to e.g.

Google Content Settings

And using the “Manage Exceptions” button indiviual websites can be accepted or refused.

Although is became a bit more difficult and confusing, in most cases it will be a good compromise between comfort and security. And with above hints you will be able to fine tune to your needs!

And finally there is the option to set a bunch of preferences/flags individually at chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash .

Like the flag telling Chrome to “prefer HTML over Flash”


Mozilla Firefox

Also Firefox behaves different than before.

The automatic detection to determine the presence of Flash (or if Flash is enabled or not) does no longer work as expected. Different behaviosr than before. The strategy to tentatively load a Flash component and track potential errors does not work any longer, since no errors are triggered. Probably we’ll slpit the Javascript and Flash version into two separate books, that can be individually loaded; avoing such obviously dangerous strategies based on certain assumptions…

What are the actual solutions/consequences?

  • Best option: enable Flash. This still is the better, smoother, more powerful variant. It will take about 3…6 more months before a stable, new Javascript version will be available.
    To enable Flash click the Menu Option Button and then select Add-Ons. In the window that opens (address: about:addons) find the “Shockwave Flash” Plugin and select your preference.

  • Next option: disable Flash.
    This will load the Javascript fallback (the automatic detection is still working in this case)
  • Third Option: get asked
    Decide case by case, if Flash should be enabled for the actual website or not.
    With Firefox that option is not as evident and clear as with Chrome:
    Chrome tells you about the option to right click and make your choice. Whereas with Firefox you need to know that a rightclick with the mouse (on Windows) will open a pop-up window asking for your preference.
    If you do not know about that option, you probably just realize that nothing happens. As with an Mz3 Title: the background is visible, but the content, i.e. the book,  does not load.
    Reason: MegaZine3 cannot detect Firefox being waiting for a user decision (the automatic detection fails)

Hopefully this helps a bit… As long as we’ll see new behaviour 😉

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