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Configure MegaZine3 GUI

Dozens of parameters can be adjusted to fine tune the look & feel of MegaZine3. In fact, there are more than hundred parameters that can be used. Sounds scary, but the good news is: All parameters use default values and in most cases never have to be touched. For those who want to make use of the full power of MegaZine3, access

Workflow and Data Management

A question about how to best manage different versions of an Mz3 Title was asked in the forum. Instead of a lengthy answer it will be best to summarize the suggestions and answers in a special post: This post 😉 This addresses more aspects than the details provided in the blog post “MegaZine3 Variants and Folder Structure” (see the last

Version 2.3.5

Version 2.3.5 is availabe now, with some enhancements, new license model and bug fixes Free Test version Simplified License Model We now offer two licenses: MZ3-PRIV and MZ3-BASE As the name implies the MZ3-PRIV is for personal use and also available for schools/universities and non-profit organizations and associations. As long as there are no commercial interests (e.g. placing advertisements). The MZ3-BASE license