Best use of Links and Link Titles

A link can be imported from a PDF file, or added to the created Mz3 Title interactively to a page as “element”.

PDF Links

If a PDF file contains “real”  linke, those are imported during the conversion into SWF files. A very easy and comfortable way to use links; no configuration or any settings are needed.

But there are chances of seeing problems:

  • There are web addresses contained in the PDF file, but only as text and not as link.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader knows how to interpret text the “looks like” an url, and will simulate a link. But the tool we are using to convert PDF files (pdf2swf) and MegaZine3 only understand “real” links. It is possible to convert text links into real links with the help of tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro; but not everybody has access to such tools.
  • And even if links could be imported correctly, those only will work in FLASH or AIR. So either a browser supporting FLASH (in case of on Online version of MegaZine3) or mz3Viewer, our free tool available on our website, must be used.
    But… such links are not available with the Javascript-Version, since instead of SWF files images in JPG or PNG format are used. And therefore there is no link inforamtion available and links do not work

But there is hope 😉
In such cases links can be added easily to pages after the Mz3 Title was created. Since Version 2.3.4 you can interactively add “Elements” like video, and sound files; and also images and areas with links.

Area or image with link

MegaZine3 supports links that are added to an “area element” or an “image element”. Such elements and links can be added easily (see Video 15: add images/ audio / links):
You only have to enter the link address into the appropriate input field:


mz3Tool then takes care to add the needed plugins  (e.g. links and titles) to the plugin list (i.e. to the “plugins Attribut” 😉 .

Besides external links also internal links (a page number, or generally: named anchors) are supported.
BTW: you also can use an external link to load a file from the server, e.g. an Offline ZIP file (see Video 3: Publish Offline).

Link Title

If the “titles” Plugin is activated, i.e. listed as plugins parameter, addresses of links are shown as tool tip. You can define with mz3Tool via the “set Params” button and the first settings in the opening window, if a title (i.e. the link address) should be shown (activate the check box). You also could enter your own text that will pop up as tool tip when hovering over the link.


Enabling and disabling of the tool tip influences both external and internal links.

But there is an option, to suppress tool tips for internal links but continue to show link addresses of exxternal links. For that the check mark must be enabled and as text a “-” must be set.
This special character is understood by mz3Tool as “do not show internal links”.

This is very helpful in the case that tool tips for internal links, that would be created automatically be MegaZine3, are disturbing.
Those internal links have the format: “anchor:###”, with ### as internal (!) page number. And internal page numbers start with “0” instead of “1”, which could irritate the user…

Example: A jump to page 11 would show up as “anchor:10” in the automatically generated tool tip.

As explained, this can be avoided in entering that special “-” character as Title text. The tool tips for external links are not effected and will show up; as long as the check mark is set.

Technical Background Information

Some special remarks for those interested in technical details:
mz3Tool creates internal links with the <area> Tag and an empty “title” parameter; which tells MegaZine3 not to show the tool tip. This way tool tips for internal links are suppressed.

And for those still continuing reading:
Internal links make use of a special “protocol” (i.e. ‘anchor:’), which is interpreted by the achor Plugin. The anchor Plugin itself is added by mz3Tool automatically to the plugin list (via the swftools Plugin, which takes care to load the anchor plugin).

And finally for those very curious readers:
Besides the special “anchor:” protokoll there’s also the “javascript:” protocol, which is interpreted by the  javascript Plugin. This allows executing Javascript code with a click on the link (see example provided in the javascript plugin’s documentation).

At the end a pretty cool thing 😉

This is VERY special and of no help for the average user. Therefore this is not supported by mz3Tool.
But since you can modify the core configuration file created by mz3Tool (the “mz3 file”), you manually can add such “links” in case you want to test; or need it 😉

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