Create a Custom Preloader

If an Mz3 Title is started in a Browser using FLASH, a preloader is shown during startup. This preloader is synchronized with MegaZine3 (separate program but exchanging data over the API) and shows a closing  ring segment. With the MegaZine3 logo in the center. Once the basic things are loaded, control is passed to MegaZine3 (megazine-fat.swf) and the preloader vanishes.


The logo in the middle of the preloader can be customized with a PRO or PUBL license to show your company logo (or whatever you want to show ;-).

Requesting the preloader.fla Source File

Owners of a PUBL or PRO license intending to customize the preloader should send us a short email (klick the link below, which does everything for you but the private license key). Please provide your private key so we can faster check your request!

Request preloader.fla

Logo Preparation

To make your logo fit with the preloader, the outer size should be 170px by 170 px. And it should be a circle; i.e. a cirlce with 170px in diameter.The logo is placed in the center and should not exceed 130px in diameter, to notoverlap with the growing preloader ring..

That file should be in PNG format and called logo.png (not a must but helpful).

Preparetions for Exchanging the Logo

Open the provided preloader-fat.swf file with Adobe Animate CC (formerly it was called Adobe Flash Professional). With the latest version of Adobe Animate (July, 2016) probably the movie clip “preloader” is selected, which only shows the graphic clip with the “Loading Error” text.


The layer you need to make the changes is “loading”. Select “loading” and the layers with all moviclips will be shown and you exchange the logo.
Some layers will be shown on the stage; like an “error” layer, a “circle” and the “logo”.


The “error” and “mask” layers hide the logo.

Reason: Only when during run time everything is OK and no error occurs, that layer will be prgrammatically hidden and shows the growing circle segment and the logo.

Therefore you must Please hide layers “error” and “mask” to see the “logo” layer:

preloader_mz3_logo_enAdding the new Logo

Since the MegaZine3 logo will be substituted, it can and should be deleted. in the library. Then import your logo into the library (File – Import to stage) and after selecting the “logo” layer drag the logo on stage (into the “logo” layer).

The logo shows up as Bitmap; what is true. But to work correctly it must be converted in to a symbol. That’s done with a right click and “Convert to symbol”. Or a click of function key “f8”.

A window pops up where you can name the new symbol (call it “logo”) and confirm the changes. For that to work it is important that you deleted the original logo first. Otherwise you cannot use the same name. Then you must gice at an “instance name”. That name is used by the ActionScript program.

Finally the logo must be aligned with the elements of the other layers. That can be done quickly in giving “x” and “y” the value “0”


Create the customized prelaoder-fat.swf File

After saving the modified fla file, it should be saved in a location you will remember; under the same it was called when delivered, i.e. “preloader-fat.fla”.

To create the target file, the preloader.swf file, please check the “publish settings” first. Open the respective window with either “File – Settings for Publishing”; or in hitting function key “ctrl-shift-f12” and check the settings.

You want to create a swf file (a Flash file) called preloader-fat.


Also check in “File – Publish settings – extended ActionScript settings” the path to the MegaZine3 Library megazine3-fat.swc is correct.

preloader publish options_en

If everything is correct, create the file with either “File – Publish” or in hitting “shift-alt-f12”.

The created preloader-fat.swf file can be used instead of the original one. You can exchange the file in the onlinePackage folder after you created the Online version with “Publish Online”. Or you upload your custom file to your server after the content of the onlinePackage was uploaded, so your file overwrites the MegaZine3 preloader.

All Mz3 Titles that are started using that preloader will then show your logo.


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