Where does mz3Viewer look for mz3z files?

MegaZine3 ForumKategorie: TechnischWhere does mz3Viewer look for mz3z files?
Don Flinn fragte vor 2 Jahren

Can you tell me where mz3Viewer looks for mz3z files on the C drive? What folders?

Does it look at any drives other than the C drive?

Can it be told to look at any other folders or drives?

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hnuecke Mitarbeiter antwortete vor 2 Jahren

A good comrpomise had to be found between comfort and waiting time.

The first approach was searching in many locations, 2…3 levels deep in the directory tree.

That idea was abandoned because it took too long before a list of Mz3 Titles was built. Even after some optimization attempts the results were not satisfactory.

Actually the search is limited to some folders only.

To nevertheless make it easy an comfortable opening an mz3z file, two features help to use and find mz3 tilles fast and easily:

  1. Such files can be dragged&dropped into an open mz3Viewer window. mz3Viewer then will extract all data from the mz3z file into a folder under documents/mz3Viewer. An mz3z file btw is a standard ZIP file with an mz3 specific folder structure.
  2. Any Mz3 Title that was opened in the past is collected in a sortable list of paths, so those Mz3 Titles can be picked easily.

Folders mz3Viewer is watching:

  • The "Download" Folder
  • The "documents/mz3Viewer" directory.

    This directory is automatically created by mz3Viewer, if not already existing.

    Remark: It is a good idea collecting any mz3z file in that folder so it is found by mz3Viewer

  • The directories used by mz3Tool to save Mz3 Titles, i.e. mz3Viewer uses the same list of paths mz3Tool does.

    This makes it easy for "developers" finding their Mz3 Titles immediately

  • An additional option for those knowing how to start programs via links or the command line, there is the option to provide the path to an mz3z file as "command line parameter", i.e. attribute following the path to the mz3Viewer program file.
Bikas Gaur antwortete vor 11 Monaten

I installed the MZ3Viewer app on my Google Pixel 2 which is running Android 8.1. The problem is as I open the app it is simply loading a blank white screen during the startup and gradually after few seconds it crashes itself automatically. Any idea how do I get the app running normally?

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