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See also: Version history (2.x)

Version history for the old 1.x branch of the engine, for archiving.

Version 1.38 [2009/07/24]

  • Added: preloader, because the engine starts getting kinda big. If you don't want it, just replace "preloader.swf" with "megazine.swf" in the index.html.
  • Change: renamed page@static -> page@rasterize.
  • Change: removed the completion event from the MegaZine class. Instead, the page complete now fires whenever a page is done loading. In books undloading pages (maxpages < totalpages) this event fires each time the page is done loading.
  • Change: some massive code refactoring and cleanup.
  • Change: the way pages are added. The runtime behavior is still not fully tested, which is why the corresponding functions are not in the interface yet, but it is now possible to add new chapters and pages after the initial book is loaded (which might from now on be empty).
  • Fixed: most memory leaks. Should be a lot better than before.
  • Fixed: when using a book@password, pre-/postpage are now hidden until a password is entered.
  • Fixed: many small issues.

Version 1.37 [2009/07/05]

  • Added: book attribute 'buttoncolors'. Page buttons can now have custom colors for chapters and anchors.
  • Added: book attribute 'cornerhint'. Initial effect hinting that the pages can be dragged.
  • Added: book attribute 'langpath'. For specifying a path to a directory containing localization data (lang.xx.xml and flag files).
  • Added: book attribute 'langwarn'. Option to supress the <ID>_NOT_FOUND error strings; instead, don't show anything at all if the string isn't found.
  • Added: book attribute 'zoommousemove'. Alternative zoom movement, based on the user's mouse movement. This is the new default.
  • Added: event 'ZOOM_CHANGED' when user goes to another image in zoom mode. Also available in the JS API.
  • Added: page attribute 'buttoncolor'. Like book@buttoncolors, but for specific pages.
  • Added: snd attribute 'loop'. Analogue to the one for the vid element.
  • Added: zoom level can now be changed using the keyboard using the page up and page down keys. A slider will come in one of the next versions...
  • Change: removing the instance from the stage while it is still loading the xml data should now cancel the load (stage is required for initialization).
  • Change: the 'page' property of zoom state change event objects (as well as the new zoom change events) now represents the number of the page the currently displayed image's base version resides in. Use MegaZine.getPageAnchor(uint) if you need the anchor name of a page.
  • Fixed: txt element is working again. Content must now be defined in 'content' tags (e.g. <txt><content lang="en"><![CDATA[some text!]]></content></txt>).
  • Fixed: lots of things regarding the right to left reading mode.
    • Covers are now centered
    • Slideshow works
    • Tooltips of page buttons show the correct numbers
    • Page navigation buttons work as they should
    • Switched prev/next and first/last buttons (more intuitive *pressing left -> next page)
    • XML data is now displayed in the correct order, i.e. the first entries are the first pages

Version 1.36 [2009/05/18]

  • Added: JavaScript: open zoom (either image or gallery). Note: this cannot trigger fullscreen.
  • Added: book attribute 'zoomrotate'. Used to set use of rotation buttons in zoom mode.
  • Added: vid attribute 'autoplay'. Automatically play video (in allowed context, i.e. influenced by 'nopause' and 'onlywhenactive'). This was actually implemented a long time ago, just forgot to document it...
  • Change: attribute 'overlay' is now a lot more flexible. See documentation. IMPORTANT WHEN UPDATING: this is incompatible with previous usage of the overlay attribute!
  • Change: code cleanup (primarily outsourcing of the book settings for easier extensibility).
  • Change: setCustom (GUI) no longer disables the default navigation bar.
  • Change: some documentation fixes / clarifications.
  • Fixed: a bug where page visibility was initially incorrectly recognized by elements.
  • Fixed: a bug where the language name would not be displayed in the language chooser (instead an error string was shown).
  • Fixed: logic issues when using right to left books (ltr="false").
  • Fixed: 'onlywhenactive' should now always work as expected.
  • Fixed: overlay / url of of vid element no longer blocks playback controls.
  • Fixed: possible scaling issues of videos.

Version 1.35 [2009/04/20]

  • Added: AS3 API and JavaScript: enable/disable mouse interaction with pages.
  • Added: AS3 API and JavaScript: state telling if in zoom mode or not, and an according event.
  • Added: AS3 API and JavaScript: zoom in and out when in zoom mode.
  • Added: hires attribute can now be localized (analogue to src or other attributes). Technically, every attribute can be localized now.
  • Added: images in zoom mode can now be rotated. This requires an updated localization, because new tooltips were introduced.
  • Change: exported country flags for languages to external images, like the actual language files (same name schema: flag.ID.gif).
  • Change: extended the pages attribute for chapter: secondary settings are possible after a second "?". See documentation.
  • Change: goto button now gets disabled in fullscreen (keyboard entry is technically impossible due to Flash's security model).
  • Change: made zoomalign attribute determine the initial position when opening zoom mode.
  • Fixed: attribute barpos now affects the position of the page thumbnails when hovering a page button.
  • Fixed: template variable {src} now updates when localization changes.

Version 1.34 [2009/04/05]

  • Added: attributes for book: zoomalign, zoommax, zoominit.
  • Added: attribute for all elements: priority. Allows loading priorities for elements. Default priority order txt, nav and area before img before snd before vid. See documentation for more info.
  • Added: attribute for area, img and vid elements: overlay. This allows for an optional full unicolored overlay instead of the glow. overlay="none" disables overlay effects.
  • Added: template variable for hires attribute: {src}. This string will be replaced with the value of the src attribute (minus the file extension).
  • Added: buttons in default navigation: next page and previous page.
  • Added: button in default navigation: jump to specific page number (textfield input).
  • Added: getter to retrieve anchor name of current chapter / page. Also available in the JavaScript interface.
  • Added: workaround for a bug in FireFox 3 causing zoomsteps to be skipped (because multiple MouseWheel events are dispatched).
  • Change: just adding the pipe (|) in the pages attribute of chapter results in the actual graphic (as set in the src attribute) being used for the zoom (hires) as well.
  • Change: made it easier to change / extend the default navigation bar (still needs changes to the code).
  • Change: reshuffled default navigation bar buttons to build logical groups.
  • Fixed: possible problem in chapter when background sound was set.
  • Fixed: possible problem when user zoomed in zoom mode while image was loading.
  • Fixed: possible "lines" in the center of two pages.
  • Removed: attribute useglow for area, img and vid. Use overlay="none" instead.
  • Removed: attribute zoommin for img. Use zoominit instead (see documentation).

Version 1.33 [2009/03/15]

  • Added: javascript interaction: makes it possible to control the book via javascript. See megazine.js.
  • Added: cover pages are centered per default now. Can be disabled using the centercovers attribute of the book.
  • Added: event for MegaZine class: DRAGAREA_ENTER and DRAGAREA_LEAVE (when cursor enters or leaves draggable/clickable area).
  • Added: using unloadAndStop to unload elements, to reduce likeliness of memory leaks.
  • Added: Portuguese translation (Alexander Breko)
  • Change: attribute for book: openhelp. Extended to {never, once, always}.
  • Change: attribute for book: hidebuttons. Added "pages" to allow hiding the pagination.
  • Change: updated the batch script to target Flash Player version 9.
  • Change: languages are no longer bundled with the release, please download them from the forum.
  • Fixed: book stopping when going to first of lastpage (instantly) while passively dragging.

Version 1.32 [2009/02/21]

  • Added: attribute for book: zoomcontrolalpha. Sets the alpha of the control area in zoom mode when not hovered.
  • Added: attribute for book: zoommin. Determines whether to start in "fit to display area" instead of 100% when entering zoom mode.
  • Added: attribute for page: buffer. Allows buffering the page content into a static image when the page is moved for better performance on certain pages.
  • Added: attribute for vid and snd: onlywhenactive. Only start playback when containing page is main page, not when it becomes visible.
  • Added: "Loading..." text displayed in page thumbnails not yet loaded. This string cannot be localized for technical reasons.
  • Added: event fired by MegaZine/IMegaZine when page movement finishes.
  • Added: getter and setter for xml raw data and current page number in MegaZine/IMegaZine.
  • Added: Chinese translation (Ken).
  • Change: simplified customization of the GUI a litte. See interface.fla. Tutorial will follow.
  • Fixed: loading indicators for elements are shown again. img elements use loading bars now, to display loading progress.
  • Fixed: possible hiccups in depth sorting of elements.
  • Fixed: scaling of loaded swfs.
  • Fixed: some more bugs.

Version 1.31 [2009/02/10]

  • Added: attribute for vid and snd: restart, to restart sound / video on reentering a page instead of continuing.
  • Added: attribute for book: soundcount, to set the number of sounds for page sounds.
  • Added: attribute for book: ltr, to choose left to right or right to left reading order.
  • Added: attribute for book: waitfornoturning, wait for all pages to finish turning before beginning to unload/load pages.
  • Added: setting in html to define minimum scale (minScale). Defaults to 1.0 effectively disabling liquid scaling.
  • Added: French translation (Sebastien Cappoen)
  • Added: Bulgarian translation (Bob) [actually with 1.29, just forgot to mention it. Sorry!]
  • Added: Dutch translation (André Groendijk) [also 1.29, sorry!]
  • Added: Czech translation (Tom Novotny) [also 1.29, sorry! Didn't include the flag, though. Also changed id to cs to comply with ISO 639-1.]
  • Changed: pages with numbers lesser or equal to 0 (due to pageoffset) now display as "-".
  • Fixed: pageoffset is now respected in tooltips.
  • Fixed: possible error when a sound was unloaded (due to its page becoming invisible/out of range).
  • Fixed: removed debug trace when using the positon attribute.
  • Fixed: reflection no longer only possible when bggradient is set to true.

Version 1.30 [2009/01/31]

  • Added: attribute 'position' to position elements relative to the page (center, right, middle, bottom).
  • Added: attribute to hide the preview/thumbnail in zoom mode.
  • Added: attribute to allow delayed video start when the page becomes visible.
  • Added: attribute to determine whether videos loop or not.
  • Added: attribute 'shadows' for pages, allowing shadow and highlight intensity per page.
  • Added: prepage and postpage can now interact with the engine similar to swfs loaded via the img element (megazineSetup function).
  • Added: book attribute 'bggradient' to control the display of the grey gradient below the book (visible or not).
  • Added: book attribute 'startslide' to automatically start slideshow.
  • Added: rudimentary liquid scaling (maximum scaling can be set in html).
  • Added: ids for elements and an accompanying getElementById method in the MegaZine class to refer to specific elements.
  • Added: get swf for image (to be used together with getElementById, to allow communication between two loaded swfs).
  • Added: support for animated GIFs using
  • Fixed: shadow alpha when turning is now also applied to stiff pages.
  • Update: SWFAddress 2.2

Version 1.29 [2008/11/22]

  • Fixed a rendering problem on second page that could happen with a certain number of pages if first page was not stiff.
  • Moved the flag images to library. Caused problems when using the MegaZine class in other projects.
  • Zoomable images will now be clickable as a whole if they have no url. When hovered a magnifying glass will be the cursor. The button will still show (if a url is given it always will), but can be hidden by setting the new attribute 'showbutton' to false.
  • Target of links can now be set via the 'target' attribute.
  • Made setup function custom menu optional.
  • Navigation element (nav) is now localizable.
  • Added attribute 'delay' to sound, allowing for a fixed delay before the sound fades in (does not affect fadeout).

Version 1.28 [2008/11/01]

  • Added new event to the main MegaZine class that fires when a page is loaded and a new state that will be set when all pages are loaded into memory. Both features only activate when all pages can be loaded into memory at once, i.e. if maxLoaded >= pagesTotal.
  • Added more possibilites to interact with the book from loaded swf files (without making them elements). Documentation on how to use those features will be written shortly.
  • Also added possibility for completely custom navigation. Same here, documentation will follow. Soon. Hopefully.
  • Navigation can be positioned vertically now (see 'barpos' attribute for book for more information). It is also possible to position the bar above the pages now.
  • Added new book attribute 'ignoresyslang'.
  • Added new book attribute 'openhelp'. Help does not show automatically when loading the book the first time anymore. This feature can be reenabled by setting openhelp to true.
  • Added support for a 'postpage' analog to the 'prepage' attribute of the book, just in the very end of the book. Could be used to simulate fixed cover pages.
  • Added Indonesian localization (Titus Wiguno, Thomas Apitzsch).
  • Fixed bug where ActionScript 3 SWF files would ignore the static attribute when loaded via the img element.
  • Minor code changes.

Version 1.27 [2008/10/05]

  • Fixed a bug where tooltips would not disappear when the element was an internal link and the resulting jump was instant and so far that the element was unloaded.
  • Added new attribute for vid element, 'guicolor', to allow styling of the playback controls.
  • Fixed a line in the MegaZine class that could hinder compilation but was unneeded.
  • Fixed a bug where flags in the language chooser would randomly not be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where localized elements would be switched for the default language when clicking on the current language again.
  • Added Spanish localization (Alexander Beltrán).

Version 1.26 [2008/09/27]

  • Rewrote loading process. Now loading elements from a queue instead of pages. This makes for a better load distribution regardless of how many elements there are per page. loadParallel thus now affects the number of elements loaded at a time, not pages.
  • Used this to make more elements localizable: img, vid and snd can now be localized. See documentation.
  • Added localizations for Turkish (Kerem Köksal), Polish and Croatian (Frank Humpert) and the respective flags.
  • Added a new parameter to chapter allowing to batch generate pages. See the documentation, attribute name is 'pages'.
  • Fixed the "Loading..." text (zoom mode) to be localized now.
  • Compilation via the megazine.fla works again in CS3.
  • Mute state is now stored for the current domain.
  • Slightly modified loading order for pages (now loads in both directions from the current position equally, not the complete right half first).
  • Fixed a bug where the top content was cut off in fullscreen mode when providing a specific offset of the Flash element from the top border.
  • Fixed one small bug.
  • Code documenting.

Version 1.25 [2008/09/13]

  • Added new attribute for book, 'zoomfs', which is true per default. It sets whether to activate fullscreen mode when a zoom button for an image is clicked.
  • Converted the tips to a help window that can be opened any time. With this the 'tutorial' attribute for book is removed again. The window will be shown to visitors one time *the first time the megazine is loaded.
  • Changes made in the settings dialog are now permanent (domain bound).
  • Improved localization support. Language may now be changed without reloading the book (new entry in the navigational bar).
  • The lang attribute in book works differently now (see documentation)
  • Some elements (area, img, vid) now support child nodes of type title. Those may contain the title text for different localizations. See documentation.
  • Added italian localization for GUI and help (Hans Nuecke).
  • Settings and help windows are draggable now. Mouse interaction with the pages is diabled while a window is open.
  • Language strings are no longer hard coded, meaning at least the english localization xml (or another specified one) must be provided.
  • Fixed that url tooltips were not supressed when title was "".
  • Minor changes.

Version 1.24b [2008/09/03]

  • Fixed order when navigating through galleries in zoom mode (could depend on the loading order of the pages before).
  • The 'topAlign' setting in HTML is now replaced by 'top' allowing to set the exact number of pixels of empty space above the pages.

Version 1.24 [2008/09/03]

  • Fixed some tooltip issues for images.
  • Fixed the hidebuttons attribute.
  • Moved the navigational buttons in zoom mode from the bottom to the thumbnail box and changed the tooltip a bit.
  • Added "tutorial" system (showing info messages). Can be disabled via the tutorial attribute of the book.
  • Increased font size for tooltips slightly.
  • Fatal error messages are now shown as boxed messages additionally to the console.
  • Added flash var (settable in HTML) allowing to configure that the pages are "top aligned", i.e. that there is no empty space in the Flash element above the pages.
  • Pages generated by the pdf2megazine bat are now grouped into one gallery.
  • Tried stabilizing loading in zoom mode.
  • Improved image quality for loaded SWF files with attribute static.
  • Added new bugs. Perhaps.

Version 1.23b [2008/08/31]

  • Iconpos allows hybrid declarations now (i.e. mixes of positioning variables like 'top' and absolute positioning).
  • Added 'center' and 'middle' as recognized positions for iconpos.

Version 1.23 [2008/08/30]

  • Added possibility to cycle through galleries using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Fixed that the left navigation buttons would not show when the more than row was needed for the page buttons.
  • Fixed that videos could sometimes ignore muting when muting was set before they were loaded.
  • Fixed positioning of main image in zoommode when dragging the rectangle over the thumbnail.
  • Modified code for elements so that external elements now use document classes (i.e. code no longer in the FLA file) and updated the video element accordingly. With this the template is deprecated.
  • Also rearranged the interface.fla in a similar fashion.
  • External elements now use interfaces for the MegaZine and Page class which results in smaller file sizes for the compiled elements.
  • Changed the zoom so that the minimum zoom level is now dynamic. It is set so that when zoomed out totally the whole image fits in the available display area.

Version 1.22 [2008/08/25]

  • Added gallery parameter to images. See documentation for more info.
  • Fixed a possible bug that could cause page loading to behave eratically in certain situations.
  • Fixed a possible graphics glitch.
  • Fixed a bug where local content would not display in IE 6 and older.
  • Moved almost all code from the interface to the actual application.
  • Replaced the book's nogui attribute with one named navigation so that pagenumbers and pagination visibility can be toggled independently.

Version 1.21 [2008/08/17]

  • Rewrote page loading. Now also supports keeping only a fixed number of pages in memory at a time (instead of all pages at once), which reduces memory requirements for large books tremendously.
  • Rewrote fold effects, should give a better feel of "depth" now.
  • Fixed a bug where images would randomly not load (and with it the whole page).
  • Fixed a bug where sounds would possibly interfere with each other.
  • General code cleanup and restructuring.

Version 1.20 [2008/08/14]

  • Added flashvar support to change the path and name of the used XML file (see index.html).
  • Added Thai translation for GUI (Jaturawit Duangmanee).
  • Zoom: Made thumbnail view fade out if not hovered by mouse to make contents below it visible as well.
  • Zoom: can now be closed by pressing escape.
  • Page thumbnails now allow transparency.
  • Fixed bug so that all chapter objects had the first page registered.
  • Fixed: chapter sounds are muted now, too.
  • Fixed that stiff pages were not affected when disabling shadows.
  • Changed default log level to warnings and errors only, to avoid notices from cluttering the console so much.
  • Rewrote some of the page visibility checking. This should speed up things a little for books with a lot of pages.

Version 1.19 [2008/08/08]

  • Added support to go into fullscreen mode. Also, when in fullscreen, the zoom mode will use the whole screen.
  • Added mute button to mute all snd and vid elements.
  • Added comments to template HTML file to ease setup.
  • Made zoom icon positionable more freely (img relative x and y coords)
  • Thumbnails are now hidden if the current zoom step allows the whole image to be displayed.
  • Fixed some logic issues with video playback resuming.
  • Fixed loading circle not being displayed for internal elements.
  • Fixed dotted border around Flash when transparency is activated and using FireFox 3.

Version 1.18 [2008/08/06]

  • Fixed typo that stopped changing the errorlevel that gets printed to the console from working.
  • Made output in console selectable.
  • Fixed some wrong info in the documentation regarding video.
  • Documented the code a bit mode.
  • is now properly utf-8 encoded.

Version 1.17b [2008/08/04]

  • Hotfix: local mode works again, swfaddress is disabled if MegaZine is opened locally.
  • Updated documentation regarding the vid element (supported formats).

Version 1.17 [2008/07/30]

  • Added swfaddress support for deeplinking to specific pages. When navigating via browser back and forward button page animation is disabled to avoid desynching.
  • Added prepage parameter to book to display an image to the left of the closed cover (page -1). This may be used to display instructions on how to use MegaZine, e.g.
  • Fixed a problem that autodragging would not stop after the cursor left the stage if there was not enough space around the pages

Version 1.16b [2008/07/23]

  • Hotfix: changed loading method with swfobject to dynamic, to fix transparency problems in Safari. Also included new version of swfobject.

Version 1.16 [2008/07/10]

  • Added a new attribute to the book: handcursor, allowing to disable the arrows when moving the cursor into draggable areas, and using the default hand cursor instead
  • Added possibility to configure duration of the slide delay for chapters and single pages
  • Added a recognition for tooltips if they exceed the displayable area, and if yes the position relative to the cursor is inverted.
  • Added a possibility to localize gui strings via an argument in the book named lang and using a file named lang.<LANG_ID>.xml
  • Fixed title="" not disabling the tooltip for linked images
  • Fixed zoom thumbnail so it now gets cleared after closing the zoom mode

Version 1.15 [2008/07/06]

  • Changed some elements to be classes now. All except for the vid element are now integrated (should load faster that way, and take less bandwidth). Additional Elements in swf format are still supported.
  • Changed element loading so that only one element is loaded at once per page
  • Fixed the img element... again...
  • Fixed some possible issues when hiding the gui.

Version 1.14 [2008/06/24]

  • Added a batch script that can be used in combination with swftools pdf2swf converter to easily build a megazine from a pdf file (see tools folder)
  • Added parameter static to img that allows to completely cache a loaded swf as an image (see documentation for further explanation)
  • Added ability to cycle through multiple zoom steps in zoom mode via mousewheel (starts at 100%, can zoom out to 50%)
  • Changed scaling in img element so that loaded swf files should now be scaled properly even when absolute values are used
  • Changed zoom mode so that swfs are supported as high res versions
  • Fixed behaviour when anchor is unknown (no longer jumps to start but stays and logs message)
  • Fixed minor positioning issues in zoom mode
  • Fixed videos and sounds to start playing when they finish loading, and their containing page is already visible

Version 1.13 [2008/06/18]

  • Added zoom functionality
  • Added startpage attribute for book
  • Added german documentation
  • Added nocache attribute for img elements
  • Changed default value for reflections to false (too resource intensive for lowend pcs)
  • Changed the shadow attribute to take a real value between 0 and 1 determining the intensity of the shadows and highlights
  • Fixed loading icon of elements being a button
  • Fixed graphic glitch when turning pages via keyboard

Version 1.12 [2008/06/14]

  • Added book attributes to control range inside which dragging/pageturning is possible and the distance to keep from the border a drag started from
  • Added check for slideshow delay. If delay is longer than one second, the first turn takes place instantly.

Version 1.11 [2008/06/14]

  • Added area element
  • Fixed volume fading bug in the vid element

Version 1.10 [2008/06/12]

  • Added mailto: to recognized protocols in links
  • Added relative scaling to img element to allow scaling of loaded SWFs
  • Added Antialiasing for images
  • Added option to hide page numbers
  • Changed vid element to pause per default when containing page is invisible (performace)
  • Fixed bug that a page anchor for the first page did not work
  • Fixed a bug with background colors for pages
  • Fixed centering of pagination

Version 1.00 [2008/05/05]

  • First Release