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The core of the engine is what is always running. This part is responsible for the proper display of pages, as well as adding or removal thereof. It manages the flipping functionality, element loading and plugin management.

XML Definition

The engine is built to parse a XML document describing the layout of a book, with pages and chapters. This document also contains information about the basic engine settings. A sample definition:

<book pagewidth="400" pageheight="300">
            <img src="img/front.jpg"/>
            <img src="img/back.jpg"/>

Thus, the basic structure uses


The core can be configured using the attributes of the book. The attributes of the book are global settings, and more may be added by plugins.

That a setting is global means that is does not apply to a specific (dynamic) element of the book alone, such as attributes of chapters, pages or elements do. Instead, they represent settings which apply to either the book in general, such as the page size,


The core contains a basic set of elements, including the image, sound, area, test and navigation element. More elements can be implemented as so called external elements, which are compiled into a SWF and loaded on demand.


The engine features a heavily plugin based architecture. This means that in its basic (core) version, the engine offers only a limited set of functions, but it can be easily extended using plugins. Plugins can have varied functionality, ranging from programming interfaces like the ElementIDs plugin to GUI extensions like the Gallery plugin.

This dynamic structure allows an easy customization of the engine, without having to know anything about the technical details. One can simply define the plugins to be used in the plugins attribute of the book tag.


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