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This category contains documents for looking up information on certain topics and elements. It is not meant as a big "tutorial", but as a reference. For an introduction in how to use MegaZine3, please refer to the tutorials category.

As of version 2.x, there has been a major remodeling of the underlying data structure. This change primarily affects additional functionality, now realized through plugins, and the new way to define the GUI, ASUL. There were also many small changes, such as some renaming of suboptimally named variables and properties, as well as a major rework of the event model.


The core of the engine is always available. It is responsible for

  • basic workings of books, such as the rendering of pages and their animations (when dragging or turning),
  • offering interaction possibilities through its interfaces, such gotoPage,
  • parsing XML data defining the book, once when loading an actual descriptor including a book tag, but also when adding pages later on,
  • loading and unloading of pages / page elements, depending on the current position in the book,
  • loading and managing of plugins,
  • and, due to the nature of the main class (MegaZine extending Box) the layouting of GUI components added to the pluginLayer.

This core functionality will, at least after some more releases, be very robust, and won't need any changes. The plan is to finalize this core functionality at some point, and primarily focus on the development and finalization of plugins.

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Plugins are swf files containing additional code. The swf itself must represent a class deriving a special plugin class to allow proper interaction. Plugins allow it to easily define and use additional functionality. See the plugins category for more information.

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ASUL is a basic GUI definition language which can be used by plugins to easily define additional GUI elements, or allow users to change the look of already existing plugins (i.e. basically to develop / change "skins").

For more sophisticated GUI, consider building your application in Flex / MXML and load the MegaZine component into your application.

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