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Plugin: Help
Name Help
Since version


  • help.swf
  • help.asul
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This plugin provides a simple help window in which help messages on how to use the engine can be displayed to the actual user.

The language used for the help window is the same as the actual language valid for the book, i.e. either the default language English or the language defined with the lang parameter. The language file of the chosen language must be provided in the megazine/langs/ folder, which in the case of the help plugin is named help.xml.

This plugin strongly depends on the navigationbar plugin, to display the button to open it.


== openhelp =={{#if: {once, always, never} |

  • Type: {once, always, never}}}{{#if: |
  • Valid values: {{{valid}}}}}{{#if: once |
  • Default: once}}{{#if: |
  • Overrides: {{{overrides}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Aliases: {{{alias}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Version: {{{version}}}}}

This determines whether to open the help window automatically when the engine starts up. The possible values are

  • once, meaning it will be loaded the first time a user visits a book on one domain, after that a "Flash cookie" will be created to remember it was displayed.
  • always, opens the help window whenever the user revisits a book on one domain.
  • never, never automatically opens the help window.{{#if: |
  • See also: {{{see}}}}}



=== helpmodal ==={{#if: Boolean |

  • Type: Boolean}}{{#if: |
  • Valid values: {{{valid}}}}}{{#if: true |
  • Default: true}}{{#if: |
  • Overrides: {{{overrides}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Aliases: {{{alias}}}}}{{#if: 2.0.10 |
  • Version: 2.0.10}}

This controls whether the help window should behave like a modal window. In that case book interaction will be disabled while the window is opened, meaning it won't be possible to turn pages (neither by clicking, nor via keypresses).

If you prefer the window to not block book interaction, set this to false and make sure to remove the blocker area in the help plugin's ASUL definition.{{#if: |

  • See also: {{{see}}}}}


<book plugins="help" openhelp="never">
    <!-- ... -->
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