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MegaZine3 Wiki: a definition
The MegaZine3 Wiki should contain simple articles about topics directly related to MegaZine3.

Welcome to MegaZine3 Wiki Editing for Complete Dummies

This wiki is a community effort, created by people like you - and it continues to grow and improve. You can help by registering and contributing too. Don't be scared –€“ it's quite easy, and others are here to help if you run into problems. If you spot an error on any page in the wiki, just click the edit button and change it!

If you think of another topic that should be covered, just add a new page for it. Any information is better than none. If you are not an expert on the subject, just a few words will do. Someone else will be able to fill in the holes later. Don't worry about stuffing anything up - we don't bite! If something goes wrong, one of the admins, or any other user will be able to fix it for you.

OK, so you've got this far without curling over to die so it must be a good sign. Just follow these quick tips and you'll be a MegaZine3 Wiki pro / addict in no time.

Registration / User page

  • Registration couldn't be easier - just give a username and password! That's it. You don't even need to give your name or e-mail if you don't want.
  • Once you've registered, you get your own user page - a place to talk about yourself and also a safe place to mess around with the wiki syntax.
  • To talk to other users or to discuss an article, you can use their user or article discussion pages or your own.
    • Remember: always sign your name so people know who it was from. Just type: ~~~. Also add : at the start to indent your reply.

Create an article

  • Go to: and start typing!
  • OR Search for the article you want to write, if it doesn't exist, write it.
  • OR start an article from the list of wanted articles.