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The nav element allows a shortcut to creating navigation lists. For more flexibility, consider using images or areas.



  • Type: {left, center, right}
  • Default: left

The text alignment of the lnk elements, i.e. the actual list entries.


  • Type: Integer
  • Default: 0x000000

The normal text color of the list elements.


  • Type: Number
  • Default: auto

The overall height of the list. If given, elements will be evenly distributed over the total height. Otherwise the list will be just as high as necessary.


  • Type: Integer
  • Default: 0x333333

The text color of the list elements when hovered by the user's cursor.


  • Type: Number
  • Default: auto

The overall width of the list. If not set, the list will be just as wide as necessary. Can be used to enforce line-breaks in list elements.



These nodes are used to define entries of the navigation list. They may only contain the title of the link, optionally in the form of a <![CDATA[]]> node, containing HTML formatted text. E.g. to show a bold list entry with the text "Some text" use the following:

<lnk URL="someURL"><![CDATA[<b>Some text</b>]]></lnk>


  • Type: String
  • Default: _blank

If the element is linked externally (has the URL attribute set and the link is not to an internal anchor) this determines where the link is opened. Possible values:

  • _self specifies the current frame in the current window.
  • _blank specifies a new window.
  • _parent specifies the parent of the current frame.
  • _top specifies the top-level frame in the current window.

Other values will be interpreted as window names. This works the same way as it does in HTML.


  • Type: String

URL to navigate to if clicked. Can be an absolute or relative path. Relative paths are always relative to the megazine.swf file. Can also be a reference to an anchor of a chapter or page, written as anchor:anchorname, e.g.

<lnk url="anchor:myAnchor" .../>

If a number is given after the anchor: prefix, and no anchor with that name exists, the book navigates to the page with that number. If left blank or not specified, the list entry will not be highlighted on mouseover.


<nav align="center" position="center middle" color="#423e21" hover="#5e5934" >
    <lnk url="" target="_self"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">External link</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk url="anchor:prologue"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Prologue</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk url="anchor:chapter1"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Chapter I - Features</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk url="anchor:chapter2"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Chapter II - Elements And this is Some More text</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk url="anchor:references"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">References</font>]]></lnk>
    <!-- Default format for this entry -->
    <lnk url="anchor:epilogue">Epilogue</lnk>
    <!-- Won't show the external link in german -->
    <lnk lang="de" url="anchor:download"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Download</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk lang="de" url="anchor:prologue"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Prolog</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk lang="de" url="anchor:chapter1"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Kapitel I - Features</font>]]></lnk>
    <lnk lang="de" url="anchor:chapter2"><![CDATA[<font face="serif" size="24">Kapitel II - Elemente</font>]]></lnk>
    <!-- Won't show the 'references' link in german -->
    <lnk lang="de" url="anchor:epilogue">Epilog</lnk>
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