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Plugin: Navigationbar
Name Navigationbar
  • navigationbar.swf
  • navigationbar.asul
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The NavigationBar plugin allows the simple generation of a control bar, which allows navigating to the different pages in the book and trigger some actions, such as "goto next page", "enter fullscreen" and so on.

Plugin interactions

Some plugins, such as the options and slideshow plugins add buttons to the bar (any plugin can, see the NavigationBar's API). This plugin itself does not depend on other plugins.


This plugin uses or defines the following settings.


  • Type: Definition
  • Default: N/A
  • Aliases: buttoncolors

This attribute allows defining custom colors for page buttons, for buttons representing pages being the start of a chapter or having an anchor id.

Some examples:

  • chapter(0xFF0000), makes all chapter buttons red.
  • anchor(0x00FF00), makes all anchor buttons green.
  • chapter(0x0000FF); anchor(0x999999), makes all chapter buttons blue and all anchor buttons gray.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false
  • Aliases: colorizefullchapter

Determines whether a chapter's color should be applied to all buttons representing pages it contains, or just the first one.


  • Type: URL
  • Default: book@guipath/navigationbar/langs/
  • Aliases: flagpath

Path relative to the engine to a folder containing flag files, i.e. flag.xx.gif files (analog to the language files in their respective xx/ folders the xx stand for the ISO 639-1 language code). Used for the language chooser.




Allows setting a button color for pages in this chapter (see setting buttoncolors).


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: true
  • Version: 2.0.10

This controls whether the current page number should be displayed in the text box used to input page numbers to jump to (in a format current / total).



Allows setting a button color for this page.


  • Type: String
  • Version: 2.0.10

This can be used to force a custom display text on a page by page basis. Instead of the page number (based on the page offset), the string set here will be displayed. This effects the two page number display boxes, the page button tooltips, and the page number input text box if it is set to display the current page number (book@navbarpagenumbersinbox).

If set to - (dash / minus), the page number will be omitted in the tooltips of the page buttons.

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