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Plugin: Options
Name Options
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This plugin adds an options dialog in which the user of the book may choose whether he wishes to see the book reflection and / or the page shadows and highlights. Basically, this allows user to change the settings which don't change actual behavior, but have impact on performance.

Plugin interactions

This plugin strongly depends on the NavigationBar plugin to be loaded, to add the button opening the options window to it. The plugin has no other effect, i.e. it doesn't define any settings or attributes.



=== optionsmodal ==={{#if: Boolean |

  • Type: Boolean}}{{#if: |
  • Valid values: {{{valid}}}}}{{#if: true |
  • Default: true}}{{#if: |
  • Overrides: {{{overrides}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Aliases: {{{alias}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Version: {{{version}}}}}

This controls whether the options window should behave like a modal window. In that case book interaction will be disabled while the window is opened, meaning it won't be possible to turn pages (neither by clicking, nor via keypresses).

If you prefer the window to not block book interaction, set this to false and make sure to remove the blocker area in the options plugin's ASUL definition.{{#if: |

  • See also: {{{see}}}}}

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