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Plugin: Selectiveindex
Name Selectiveindex
Since version




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The selectiveindex plugin outputs an overview of selected pages as a list of thumbnails in a popup window. Clicking a thumb will open that page in the book.

If the book has more than indexthumbsperpage pages, the next list of thumbs will be presented on the following page(s).

If the popup window is too small to show indexthumbsperpage thumbnails within the window, scrollbars for navigation within that window will be shown.


== indexthumbsperpage =={{#if: Integer |

  • Type: Integer}}{{#if: |
  • Valid values: {{{valid}}}}}{{#if: 25 |
  • Default: 25}}{{#if: |
  • Overrides: {{{overrides}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Aliases: {{{alias}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Version: {{{version}}}}}

The number of thumbnails shown on the first page. This is also used by the index plugins, i.e. both index and selectiveindex share this parameter.{{#if: |

  • See also: {{{see}}}}}

== indexdefault =={{#if: Bolean |

  • Type: Bolean}}{{#if: |
  • Valid values: {{{valid}}}}}{{#if: false |
  • Default: false}}{{#if: |
  • Overrides: {{{overrides}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Aliases: {{{alias}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Version: {{{version}}}}}

Preset of page parameter index, i.e. by default no page is included in the list for the selective index but has to be set individually by page. If set to 'true', all pages will go into the selective index and those pages that should not show up must be declared by adding the attribute index with value 'false'{{#if: |

  • See also: {{{see}}}}}



== index =={{#if: Bolean |

  • Type: Bolean}}{{#if: |
  • Valid values: {{{valid}}}}}{{#if: indexdefault |
  • Default: indexdefault}}{{#if: |
  • Overrides: {{{overrides}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Aliases: {{{alias}}}}}{{#if: |
  • Version: {{{version}}}}}

Depending on the settings of indexdefault

  • pages can be included in the list in setting the attribute index to true (in case of indexdefault is set to false)
  • pages can be excluded from the list in setting the attribute index to false (in case of indexdefault is set to true){{#if: |
  • See also: {{{see}}}}}


<book plugins="selectiveindex" indexthumbsperpage="20" indexdefault="false" >
            <img src="a.jpg" />
            <img src="b.jpg" />
        <page index="true">
            <img src="c.jpg" />
            <img src="d.jpg" />

Only the 3rd page will be added to the list of thumbnails in the selective index.

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