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Usage: This template is a way of defining attributes easily and consistently.

  • h: Heading level
  • name: The name of the attribute
  • alias: Other names of the same setting (registered using settings.registerAlias())
  • type: The data type of the attribute (e.g. Boolean or Definition)
  • valid: A description of valid input (optional)
  • default: The default value of the attribute (optional)
  • overrides: Values this attribute overrides (i.e. inherits from) (optional)
  • info: Some description of the attribute
  • see: References to other related attributes or topics
  • version: The engine version this attribute was introduced in.

In general, only default or overrides should be used, as overrides implies the default is the value it overrides.

Example use:

| h= ==
| name = 
| alias = 
| type = 
| valid = 
| default = 
| overrides = 
| info = 
| see =
| version =

To use a "|" in one of the parameters, use the HTML code |.