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This page will give a quick introduction into the system and underlying conventions used to localize (translate) this wiki.


The system uses the same templates as the official documentation wiki run by mediawiki. The only template you will need is the


template. Just add it on top (to keep it homogenous throughout the wiki) of the article you wish to translate, and your translated article. If it is already in the English article, because another translation had been created before, just leave the original article as it is.


To add your translated version of an article, navigate to the page of the original article, and add a /xy to it, where xy represents a language ID as defined in the ISO 639-1 standard. You can see the supported languages when inspecting the actual code of the {{Languages}} template.


Say you wish to translate the article Book. In this case, create a new article Book/xy, where xy might be de for German (Book/de, or es for Spanish (Book/es), and save your translation of the original article in it. When that is done, you should see a small link to the original article on top of your translated article, in this example to Book. Now, for the final touch, add the {{Languages}} template to the top of your article, and, if it's not there already, to the top of the English article.

New Pages

If you wish to create a completely new page in your language, where there is no English counterpart, yet, please name it by a corresponding English title, with your language ID postfixed, as if you were translating an existing article.


When there are links to other pages in an article, please adjust them so they point to their localized version afterwards. If there is a link [[Page]], adjust it to point to [[Page/xy]] (where xy is, again, the ID of your language, i.e. the same you use in the translated page's title).

This will, at least in the beginning (one can hope), lead to a lot of dead links, but that's fine, as they'll show up as "wanted pages". Optionally, you may created a referrer at the linked localized page, which points to the English version. If you do so, please add the {{WantsTranslation}} template (TODO) to it, though. But this method is not recommended.


The same principle that is valid for links should be applied to categories as well, i.e. please add localized articles to localized categories (e.g. instead of [[Documentation]] use [[Documentation/xy]]). This helps building quasi-unrelated page graphs for the different pages, so you don't end up back on an English site, when there actually would be a translated one available.