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Hi my name is Peter Craig and I'm an Australian web designer/developer for Blue Onion, a company I founded over 6 years ago. Have been working with Internet and technologies for quite some time, enjoy dabbling in a handful of wikis, forums and tools and have a few personal projects related to MegaZine3 and look forward to being more heavily involved with the project!

My alias M'Pete comes from one of my favourite films, a very funny "mockumentary" about the journey of a Norwegian boy band, played by Norwegian actor Espen Eckbo - Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced. He even has a profile on their fake fan site. It's all in good fun!

Other Interests

  • Website Design & Development
  • Movies and Film (box office statistics, upcoming films, new film techniques)
  • Animation (stop-motion, sketch, Flash, cartoon)

Technologies I dabble with

  • Google Wave
  • Google Analytics API
  • Google Maps API
  • CMS development
  • Site administration

Other social profiles