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This is an area to help the MegaZine3 wiki users to maintain and contribute to the quality of the wiki.

For instruction and discussion about the maintenance of the MegaZine3 wiki, please contribute to the MegaZine3:Wiki policy.

Working categories and templates

Please check the Wiki Tools for project templates and categories for article maintenance, or one of the following specific categories. When using these templates, please start a discussion thread for the article where necessary.

  • Expand: articles that require more content. This list generally mirrors stub articles.
    To add an article to this category, use {{expand}}
  • Merge: articles that might be similar to another, or too insignificant for their own article.
    To add an article to this category, use {{merge|main article name}}
  • Screenshot: articles that could be improved with the addition of image(s) or screen shot(s).
    To add an article to this category, use {{screenshot}}
  • Update: articles that need to be checked for current information; some may be outdated.
    To add an article to this category, use {{update}}
  • Todo: articles where specific new content has been identified for inclusion.
    To add an article to this category, use {{todo|*list item}}


Whether you can write or not, you're technical or not, there are plenty of places you can contribute! Here are some ideas:

  • List of all pages: just check out the list of articles that already exist and start adding to them!
  • List of popular pages: These are the pages that are viewed the most - they should be in perfect condition with valuable information and interlinking.
  • List of orphan pages: These pages can only be found by searching - link them in other articles so they can be found!
  • List of wanted pages: These pages have been linked to but don't exist. Add content to pages with the most links.
  • Short pages: This is a list of pages with little to no content - they should be categoried with the {{expand}} template for organisation and to add content.
  • List of all categories: Get familiar with categories to add to articles so they can be found and organised easier.
  • List of dead-end pages: Add some links to these pages so information can flow, people don't hit a wall and get nowhere. Try adding some categories, external links and see also links.
  • Broken redirect: Some pages are redirected to a page that doesn't exist. Create the new page or correct the redirection.
  • Double redirects: Some pages get redirected to a page that's also redirecting, the first redirect needs to be updated to redirect to the last location.
  • List of uncategorized pages: Here's a list of pages that have no category and need to be organised into relevant categories. If there isn't one, create one!
  • Random page: Just go to a random page (the link on the left) and start editing!
  • Recent changes: Check recent changes to see what others have added - revert spam, add additional information or correct what has been added, discuss disputes if appropriate.
  • List of new pages: Keep tabs on the new articles created to make sure they are appropriate, categoriesed and watched.
  • Gallery of new images: Make sure new images added to the wiki are appropriate and tagged correctly.