MegaZine3 DOWNLOADS: mz3Demo

Download Option: demo version of mz3Tool

mz3Tool is the “development environment” for quick and easy conversion of PDF files into attractive, comfortably to operate “books”.

This demo version of mz3Tool, called mz3Demo, is fully functional, but shows a watermark on the pages of your publication.

Installers for Windows and  OSx are available for download below.
The functionality is the same



For Windows 7 and Windows 10
Remark: this is the former version 2.3.3, since 2.3.4 (Demo version only) showed a bug. v2.3.5 will be available soon


Mac OS X Lion (10.7) ... OS X Sierra (10.12.3)

To watch finished publications locally on your PC or Android Tablet, you also should download and install the free mz3Viewer.