New Website – New Blog

With our new website we stopped our Google+ Blogs: MegaZine3 and Mz3Tool3
We hope you like the new design! If anything should be missing, please check our old website (and let us know about it!)

This new Blog will cover topics related to MegaZine3 and the tools, like the new mz3Tool and mz3Viewer.

Additionally we plan talking about use cases, best practices, tips & tricks and FAQs;  and also providing some technical background and interesting links.
Please feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions or share ideas and thoughts using the comment box below.
We have to manually approve your first comment, so please be patient.

You also can subscribe to get an email when a new post is published. You can cancel that subscription any time. Although we might post articles once a week at the beginning (if time permits), we do not expect more than 1 post per month on average after the first weeks 😉

We also plan to add social links (Google+, Facebook, twitter), although we personally avoid those services best we can.
But it is an accepted way to communicate and share info, so we will support it.

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