Version 2.3.4

Version 2.3.4 is availabe now, with some nice new features and some enhancements and bug fixes


Free Test version

Offline Package as ZIP File

Mz3 Titles (your “books”) can be viewed “life” over the Internet (as “Online” version in a browser), or “locally” from the disk of your computer (as “Offline” version with the free App mz3Viewer).

The distribution of an “Offline Package” became much easier with this version. With a single click all files and folders needed for a dedicated Mz3 Title now are automatically collected and combined in one ZIP file. That file can be shared in different ways with the future readers: copied an media like CD/DVD/memory stick, uploaded and shared using a Cloud Service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, …), attached to an email or offered for download form a server.

mz3Viewer, the free app that shows the Mz3 Title on Windows and OSx PCs and Android tablets, ia available as free download and now understands such ZIP files. So neither you as author of an Mz3 Title nor your readers need to care about zipping and unzipping.

Add Video and other Elements (images, links, sound)

Now additional “elements”, i.e. video, image and audio files and areas/links, can be added to pages in a very easy and comfortable way.
Some of the new features mz3Tool offers now are:

  • Drag&Drop support
    E.g. a video file can directly dragged and dropped on a selected page
  • Flexible positioning and scaling
    You either can drag the added element to the final position weith the mouse, or alternatively enter coordinates with the keyboard.
    Centering and alignment with defined margins can be acheived with a single click
  • Management
    You comfortably can search for elements and select those you want to delete


  • More detailed status and progress information
  • General status messages automatically hide after a couple of seconds
  • Improved “multi-lingual” logic. e.g. giving a warning in case of a missing language
  • common look & feel: general buttons at the same position in all sub panels, same layout everywhere
  • remember modified page sizes
  • direct browse button for In/Out path
  • “photo books” (individually created Mz3 Titles without using a PDF as base) can be created now and are handled like those titles converted from a PDF:
    Any name entered in the “IN” field (instead of a PDF path) will be used as name for such photo book, page size and count are saved in a txt file with that name, an OUT path (“destination”) can be defined, the name and destination path are listed in the respective recent lists

Bug fixes

  • License keys now allow special characters like “ü”
  • language filter in “manage elements”
  • the gui path name was corrected (now it is set to “guiBig” in case of “useBigIcons”)
  • elements can be placed on lef and right pages
  • line editing no longer interferes with book operation
  • Online folder now contains all needed files (some were missing)

Final Remarks

If you purchased the “update subscription” (offered as option with every purchase of a BASE, PUBL and PRO license), you’ll find the latest version under the link provided in the email you received with your order.
Hint: It is a good idea to keep your former version until you did some tests.

Social Media: New major versions will be presented in a blog post. Sub versions are announced with Twitter (@megazine3) and  facebook.

You also can subscribe for our newsletter, which informs about special offers and future plans.

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