Preview mz3Demo v2.4.0

“Sneak preview” of version 2.4: Not finally tested, some features missing, perhaps showing unexpected behavior 😉

Besides some general enhancements and bugfixes the main focus is on making adding video, sound, images and links as easy as possible and with fun!

  • Photo books can be built without the need of any other program like Photoshop, Corel, Lightroom, Word, InDesign, Acrobat, …):
  • Enter the name of your book (without extension, the “txt” extension will be added automatically)-
  • Then drag and drop some selected images, define a layout (number of rows and columns)  – and all images can be added automatically (or manually if you want to change position or size).

Adding video files never was easier:

  • Drag a video on the book
  • Watch the video and click at your preferred scene to capture a preview image
  • Position the video on any page and location
  • Size it; the correct aspect ratio is kept

Sound/Audio files can be added the same way (just drag and drop).

Links can be defined and placed anywhere; pointing to any URI (website, mail) or an internal page number.

One nice new feature it the bulk adding of images and their automatic positioning:

If there is space on the actual or the following pages, the images will fill that gap (in the size defined by the layout).
If all existing pages are filled, new pages will be automatically added (not in case of a book generated form a PDF: Then the PDF is the master!).

Under “Manage Elements” you’ll find several options to check your added elements and to delete selected elements or pages

Give it a try and download and test the preview version! And let us know what you are missing (we e.g. plan support of adding text, modifying position and size AFTER an element was added, showing EXIF data, …)