How can Mz3Viewer be made to open Mazimized?

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Don Flinn asked 2 years ago

Can Mz3Viewer be made to open Mazimized? The usual way of doing this by changing the "Run" variable in the shortcut, does not work.

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hnuecke Staff answered 2 years ago

Very good question!

With the actual Viewer (version 2.4.0) you have two options:

  1. Include the book attribute “openInFullscreen” and set it to ‘true’ for those books/Mz3 Titles you want to start in fullscreen
  2. Use the appropriate CTRL Key. Under Windows10 the function key f11 switches on fullscreen, and with ESC you get back to the normal window

This btw works for both the Viewer as well as the server/Online version (FLASH version only; not implemented yet for the Javascript version).

The new Viewer version (most probably starting with version offers an additional option:

Adding a command line switch “-fs” (e.g. included as start parameter) will start the viewer in fullscreen, independent on the settings of the book parameter “openInFullscreen”.

This new version most probably will become available middle of Oct 2017, together with a new version of mz3Tool.

We’ll announce the new version with a newsletter and blog post.

Hopefully this helps!

Don Flinn answered 2 years ago


Thank you for your quick response.

I tried using option 1 above, and it does open the book fullscreen, but the viewer is still half scrren. It is still necessary to use option 2 or select the "maximize" icon in the upper right of the display. What I would like is to have the viewer and book both to appear full screen, as apparently implemented in the New Viewer.

As you know, the Mz3Viewer shortcut link does not now allow inclusion of parameters in the Target location, so how will the command line switch -fs be used? Would it only be used when calling the viewer from another progrqm?

Would you give us the calling instruction using this -fs parameter with the book file:



hnuecke Staff answered 2 years ago

You can add a parameter to a short cut (we’re talking Windows, right?) this way:

  • Locate the shortcut to mz3Viewer on your desktop.
  • Right click the shortcut and select “Properties”.
  • Select the tab “Shortcut” where you’ll find a field labeld “Target”.
    This shows the path to the viewer, enclosed in quotation marks.
  • Positon your cursor at the end of that line, insert a space after the last quotation mark and then enter the switch/parameter:  -fs
  • Press apply and start the viewer via the shortcut. It will open in fullscreen!

Alternatively you can create a .bat command file, which will start the viewer together with parameters.

For that

  • Create a new file
  • Save it e.g. as “fsViewer.bat” on your desktop
  • Enter just one single line:
    @Start \”fullscreen viewer\” \”C:\Program Files (x86)\mz3Viewer\mz3Viewer.exe\” -fs
    You might have to adjust the path to the location of viewer on your system…
  • Save the file and find it on your desktop.
  • Start it with a double click,  and the viewer will open in fullscreen mode.
Don Flinn answered 2 years ago

Here is the Mz3viewer Properties view.

mz3 Viewer

Target type: Application

Target Location:

Target: mz3viewer (this entry is greyed out)

Start in:

Shortcut key: None

Run: Normal Window (other Dropdown options: Minimize, Maximize)


Notice that the “Target:” shows: mz3Viewer . This greyed out entry cannot be changed. So it is not possible to add –fs to the target.

The “Run” entry can be changed to Maximize, but it will not cause the viewer to open maximized.

The use of a bat file should work, but I was hoping to avoid this, because it adds a step for people installing the viewer. Will the new version of Mz3Viewer have an improved way to open maximized?

Also I noticed that when the book attribute “openinfullscreen=true” is used, the full screen view does not have any way to be closed, except by hitting the Esc key. There should be a message on the screen, such as, “Press Esc key to return to Normal window.”

hnuecke Staff answered 2 years ago

I created a short video showing how to enter the switch.

I had to re-install Windows 10 in my virtual machine (the former installation stopped working).

So for sure the default settings are used here. Perhaps you worked on a shortcut located in a folder with restricted rights and had to use admin rights?

Here the “how to enable fullscreen” video


BTW: The new Viewer 2.4.1 is available now for download!

Don Flinn answered 2 years ago

This is getting more involved (and interesting) than I expected in my original inquiry.

In order to make sure I was using the shortcut as installed by the Mz3Viewer installation program, I downloaded the new version of Mz3Viewer. I also swept all traces of previous versions of the program from my computer, and then did a restart of my computer. Then I installed the new version, hoping that I would now be able to modify the Target of the shortcut to the program, as you have suggested, and as the “How to Enable Fullscreen” video shows.

Unfortunately, the Target of the shortcut, “mz3Viewer”, was still greyed out, and cannot be modified.

So maybe this is not the right place to make the modification, even if it was possible. Maybe people would like to open fullscreen sometimes, but not always. It would be necessary for them to have 2 different shortcuts on their desktop, or modify 1 shortcut each time they switched options.

I like your idea of using an underscore, "_" , character in the name start, which would be interpreted as “start in fullscreen.” This would give the user control over how different books were viewed. My question about this is, would the underscore apply only to the size of the display, or would it also apply to the size of the book in the display? If only the display, would it be possible to use a different special character to enable the book size to be fullscreen also?

hnuecke Staff answered 2 years ago


Let me answer your last question first:

Starting in fullscreen means that the viewer will open in fullscreen.

And as long as “liquid scaling” is enabled (zomminscale and zoommaxscale defined and different, what by default is done by mz3Tool) the book will follow and scale to perfectly fit the (fullscreen) window.

See the WIKI also.

To re-enable liquid scaling after a zoom a double click into the book also will work; if “gestures” are enabled (gesture plugin added).

In setting zomminscale and zoommaxscale it is up to you to define the behavior.

You are a fast reader 😉

I took out my idea with the underscore minutes after I posted the reply; because I first wanted to think about it a bit more…

My actual thought is: Make this a general strategy, i.e. whenever the viewer is started with an Mz3 Title with an underscore at the first position of the name, the viewer will open in fullscreen.

This might confuse users who use that notation for other purposes, like forcing titles to show up first in alphabetical order.

So I’m still not sure what is the best approach/compromise. Perhaps a combination like “_fs_” will work…

Ideas welcome 😉

Don Flinn answered 2 years ago

As a user of Mz3Viewer, I’m happy with how you describe “liquid scaling” works. Actually, I never knew such a thing existed.

I am not a fast reader. Your post on the forum must immediately send an email to the last poster.

I still like the user to have control over how the book is displayed when opened. If the name start with an underscore is not acceptable, how about a name end with parentheses enclosing parameter(s), such as bookname(fs).mz3z? Could be expanded to multiple parameters. Or bookname-(fs).mz3z

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