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Sebastian asked 2 years ago

I have a pdf file in myPDFs folder. I copied cHERE to same folder and tried to execute the command but it returns \"unsurported operating system\" I repeated the same proccess but this time I copied cMypdfs to the same folder, tried to execute but it gave me the same \" unsurported operating system\"The last time I used this program was April 2015 and I had no issues. Now nothing works. My operating system is Windows 10 and I have a valid license I purchased when I downloded the software.Can you, please, advise?

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hnuecke Staff answered 2 years ago

Most probably the version of mz3Tool you are using is not supporting Windows 10 yet.

After Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP, we did so also and finally could make use of several features that could not be implemented before due to compatibility issues with Windows XP.

With that we added support for Windows 10. The actual verion of mz3Tool is fully supporting Windows 10 (our core test and development environment now).

BTW, we are about to publish the next major release; with many improvements and a totally new UI

  • Standard native Menu, native Windows
  • Several new features
  • Improved Javascript support (e.g. if using PNG files ImageMagick is no longer needed)
  • PDF batch conversion
  • Full support of all MegaZine3 attributes/parameters with dedicated “editors”, powerful filter and search function
    Plus tooltips for every parameter and dedicated link to the repsective WIKI article!
  • Flexible use of different PDF files for the same Mz3 Title (merging PDFs into one Mz3 Title)
  • Very easy multi lingual use
  • Drag&Drop support
  • Offline AND Online reader (mz3Viewer)
    Capable of directly accessing online Mz3 Titles over the Internet (the index.html link is sufficient in most cases!) and from a local disk/network.

If you send me an Email with details about your license (like the private key), I will provide a link to the demoTool Beta version for test.
And let you know the cost for an upgrade (based on your actual license).

As a fomer user you are entitled for an upgrade.

razor and blade answered 12 months ago

HI sebastian ! i hope this works for you !

ExportPDF can’t convert files that have security options applied (Open document password, or Document Restrictions password). The only way around it, is to remove the password security in Acrobat. You can see what security is set for the file by choosing File > Properties in Reader, and clicking the Security tab,

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