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hnuecke asked 2 years ago
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hnuecke answered 2 years ago

This is the general support area for everything around MegaZine3, mz3Tool and mz3Viewer.

In case of problems or if you have a question, please search the forum first (or use the search in MegaZine3 related domains, “powered by Google”. See the first field in the sidebar on the right).
If that does not help please post a question here.

We’ll get automatically an email notice and will react in a timely manner. If anybody has an idea and feels comfortable in helping, please do so! This will create kind of knowledgebase everybody can use! BTW, this is kind of restart, since we already ran a forum in the early days of MegaZine3; which now is 10 years ago. That Forum still exists but isn’t maintained any longer. Most information is outdated…
That’s why we start this new forum.

You need to register first and then log in with your user name and password to ask a question or give an answer.

Your first post will not show up immediately, since we first have to approve. Next questions will be approved automatically (as long as you do not provide more than two links ;-).

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