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hnuecke Staff asked 3 years ago
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hnuecke Staff answered 3 years ago


About 2 years ago (March 2016) we started this forum.
We have seen some good discussions, and hopefully some readers could find answers and get some ideas on how to work with MegaZine3.

But a lot changed throughout those 2 years, like:

  • Flash became almost obsolete
  • Javascript based solutions took over
  • mz3Tool became a powerful tool with an easy to use user interface, many tool tips and plausibility checks, making detailed manuals, videos, FAQs and other kind of documentation obsolete
  • MegaZine3 was expanded with several new features
  • The user base expanded: from pure business users to now a good 50:50 mix of business and private users

All this makes former documentation like this forum or the “legacy” MegaZine3 forum, the FAQ list, many of the blog posts etc. almost obsolete.

It is time for a restart!

  • Change of server: The move from the “old” server to a new one is prepared and started. The old server will be shut down latest in August 2018
  • Issues now are tracked in the new “issue tracker“, where you can
    • Search for solved issues or information about new versions (check for the latest info at the very end)
    • Setup your own dashboard
    • Report Bugs or suggestions anonymously (no login needed)
    • Send an email to, which automatically creates an issue.
      Please be aware that all data provided by email is shown to anybody, inlcuding your email address!
      Do not use emails to for personal data like private license keys or alike.
  • New blogs and newsletters will be issued soon.
  • All FAQs will be updated
  • The Contact Form was taken out; please use our email address for future communication:

BTW: Some of that activities was driven by GDPR; you must have heard of that 😉


New registrations are no longer possible. The forum will be completely shut down latest in August 2018.
We no longer store any user data in WordPress. The only place we keep track of user information is the license database, where license keys, customer name and email addresses are stored.

This is needed for MegaZine3 and to serve you. And also for legal purposes.

Our server is located in Europe and we have data security agreements in place with e.g. our hosting and email provider and Google.


Please register our newletter and/or blog, if you not already did so.
Links can be found on our home page.

This will assure you’re kept “in the loop” and receive information about future activities and changes like:

  • new versions
  • new blog posts
  • new discussion platforms (we might use facebook / twitter for a more direct and faster communication in future).

If you have any questions or suggestions: please let us know; actually by email only:

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