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Jenny Fry asked 2 years ago

I have downloaded mz3Demo, mz3Viewer and ImageMagick (ticking ‘Install legacy utilities’). When I open mz3Demo, under status shows green ImageMagick OK but I have no create button. Any ideas where I may have gone wrong?

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hnuecke Staff answered 2 years ago

I assume you want to convert a PDF file?

Before you can "CREATE" anything, as first step either a PDF must be converted; or any file name/book name defined to build a (photo) book without PDF.

For your understanding:

in case of a PDF

during the first step (CONVERT) the PDF file is read and each page converted into an "image" (you can define what kind of image you want to use. Options are: SWF, PNG or JPG).

Only for the JPG option ImageMagick is needed.

Once that step is completed, i.e. all pages "converted", mz3Tool makes an automatic "CREATE". From then on that button is available and can be used to update the Mz3 Title (you book), if some settings/parameters had been changed.

During the CREATE run the final configuration file, i.e. the "mz3 file" is created. That file contains all definitions used by MegaZine3 to present the book.

So if you e.g. set the parameter to simulate "stiff" cover pages, a new CREATE run is needed to reflect that parameter change in the mz3 file.

In case you have no PDF file

you can enter any name (without extension) in the input field for the file name, and mz3Tool will ask you if you want to create a photo book.

If you confirm, the CONVERT button is disabled and you can start adding images, videos, … to the empty pages.

This mode will be dramatically enhanced with the next version, which will be available as beta very soon.

Hopefully this helps understanding the mz3Tool’s logic a bit better?!

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