Scripts to control OpenSource Tools (not needed to use mz3Tool)


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  • People used to work with .bat files
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Open Source Tools

We make use of several OpenSource tools. As little thank you to those who develop and maintain such program we want to share some experiences an how mz3Tool works with those programs like:

  • pdfinfo to extract page and document information
  • pdftotext: for text extraction from PDF files
  • pdf2swf: the core utility for converting PDF pages into SWF files
  • swfrender: for creating PNG files out of SWF files
  • ImageMagick: to convert PNGs into JPGs and scale/split them for thumbnail use

CLI: Command Line Interpreter

Those tools make use of the “command line interpreter” of Windows or OSX and usually are controlled directly¬†via the Terminal (OSx) or Command Prompt (Windows).

mz3Tool uses that “interface” also. For that either a batch command script (a BAT file in case of Windows) or a bash script (we are using Bourne Shell, i.e.create a “sh” file; in case of OSx) is dynamically created and started.

Encapsulated via a GUI

The advantage for the “common user”: everything is hidden and can be controlled via the mz3Tool GUI using parameters, drop down selections etc.

main parameters

Direct access to the Sources of the Scripts

MegaZine3 is open in a sense that nothing is hidden and access to almost everything is provided. You even can check and use the danymically created scripts!

And all this is avaialble with the free demo version mz3Demo!

Those scripts are located at

Windows: C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\de.megazine3.air.mz3Tool\Local Store\scriptHelper.bat

OSx: /Users/(your user name)/Library/Application Support/de.megazine3.air.mz3Tool/Local Store/

Also the other scripts built do do the pdfinfo and pdftotext things can be found there. And if you are familiar with Windows batch or OSx bash files, feel free to use and modify to your needs!

Or to use the mz3Tool GUI to create working pdf2text commands using spcific settings. E.g. “Render Quality” sets the “-s” switch like ”¬†-s poly2bitmap”.

How does a .bat file look like?

This is an example of a Windows batch file. Please click the preview image to see some readable lines with the core statements that had been created based on above parameter settings.

BTW: Do you believe me know that this is a very special post ;-)?

[wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_image link=”” description=”Example of a Windows .bat file”” source=”” title=””]

How does a .sh file look like?

And here the same from an OSx bash file; based on the same parameter settings as the Windows batch file:

[wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_image link=”” description=”Example of a OSx sh¬†file”” source=”” title=””]


If you want to use one of the OpenSource tools from or ImageMagick and wonder what is needed to make it work, these scripts might be of big help.

If you look for a way to simply convert PDF files with unlimited pages (the free mz3Demo tool only converts 10 pages with a single run):
Feel free to use the scripts directly and modify the loop counter.

And for all others who read to the end and like it more comfortably:
Consider an unlimited version of mz3Tool an check the PRIV license; it is “almost” free (~ $20 net).
Using this special voucher code¬†“33N-DJL-6UN” you’ll¬†get a 10% discount on the PRIV license; until Dec 31st, 2016.

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