Tip: assign “mz3z” to mz3Viewer

Since version 2.3.4 it is very easy to collect all files and folders of an Mz3 Title. A single click creates a ZIP file containing everything needed (see Video 3).

The base name of such zip file is the same as the base file, ie. im most cases the PDF file used to create the Mz3 Title. The file name extension is a special one: “mz3z”.
This special extension is used instead of the usual extension zip for a good reason: It is much easier searching for this kind of files to better manage them; be it for deletion, copy, …

And there is another advantage this special extension offers: It is possible associating an mz3z file type with mz3Viewer .

Once that is done, the Mz3 Title, which is contained in the ZIP file, will be opened with a double click on an mz3z file. Like an mz3 file also can be opened with mz3Viewer with a double click.

It would be possible associating mz3Viewer with a “zip” type file. But that’s not a good idea. Normal ZIP files should be associated with a standard packing program like WinZip, 7Zip or similar.

The file association is done in Windows 10 with a right click on the file you want to associate, and then selecting “Open with / Choose different App” in the context menu.

With OSx it is done in a very similar way..


Windows 10 and Bing treat the download of zip files in a very special way: If the file has a ZIP format, it will be renamed to *.zip, whatever the extension was before!

As consequence the above way to associate mz3z files with mz3Viewer no longer works; unless you rename the downloaded file and restore the original extension.
I find it very strange and confusing, that after Apple now also Microsoft is patronizing its users (my personal opinion). There might be security reasons: The user should see that it is a ZIP file, even if called differently.

That might be OK; but shouldn’t a hint/warning be sufficient?!?

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