Video 1: Download & Installation

The Download Button for all available Downloads is located right at the beginning of our MegaZine3 homepage. A click opens the download page with all download options.

How to download and install those programs is shown in our Video 1: Installation & Download; the first half is related to Windows, the second half, starting at about 2:30 minutes. then explains how to download and install the programs on an OSx computer.

These downloads are available:

  • Windows
    • mz3Demo: This is the demo version of mz3Tool, our “development system” for MegaZine3. mz3Tool supports to quickly and easily crate digital publications like flip books, photo books, business and financial reports and more.
      mz3Demo is fully functional, but restricted to convert only 10 pages in a single run. There is no input field to enter the license key, and on left pages there will be a “powered by MegaZine3” watermark.
    • mz3Viewer: this free program shows Mz3 Titles (i.e. the prepared digital publications, your “book”) on your computer or Android tablet.
  • OSx
    • mz3Demo: functionally the same version as mz3Demo for Windows
    • mz3Viewer: the OSx version of the MegaZine3 Viewer
  • Android
    • mz3Viewer: A Viewer with full functionality for Android tablets

Installation for Windows

After downloading and starting the installation programs for mz3Demo and mz3Viewer, all proposed settings should be accepted and both programs will be installed easily. After the installers are finished, the program icons can be found on the desktop and mz3Demo and mz3Viewer can be started.

Hints on how to get started are provided in Video 2: First Steps.

Installation for OSx

As first step it is necessary to check the security settings, since otherwise the download might be blocked. Open “System Preferences – Security&Privacy – General” and allow the download of apps from “anywhere”. After mz3Demo and mz3Viewer are loaded and installed, the settings should be reset to the original values.

After the installers for mz3Demo and mz3Viewer are downloaded and started, simply accept all proposed settings, and the program will be available under “Applications” once the installation is finished.

Installation for Android

The Android installer mz3Viewer.apk has to be copied to your Android tablet, e.g. via USB or WLAN connection;  or using any Cloud-Service like Dropbox.
Once the apk file is available on the Android tablet, it can be executed with any “apk installer” or simply with Android. Apk installers are available for free in Google Play; search for “apk installer” or “app installer”.


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