Video Ex1: How creating an audio book

Based on a PDF file a book is created and then enhanced with audio files.

This little story is intended to be either read to children, or children can read it themselves with the help of the audio file, that tells the story.

Almost each page will contain a dedicated audio file.

How these audio files are added to the pages, is shown in the video Ex1: Audio Book

Audio files can be selected/opened with either the explorer with filter function, that only shows audio files (opened with a click on the little “browse” button):


Or searched with the standard File Explorer/Finder and then dragged into the “Sound source” input line; or simply dropped on the open book.

That’s all! In a breeze all audio files are linked with their respective pages.

If something has to be checked or modified, the “Manage Elements” feature is of big help. How to use that is also shown in the video.


After you watched this video (less than 10 minutes), you know how to add audio files to any page and how to verify, delete or modify the added files.

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