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Plugin: Password
Name Password
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This plugin allows protecting your book with a password. When set, a password form is shown before the actual book is being displayed. Unless the correct password is entered, the book is inaccessible.

Important: due to the password being stored in plain text format in the book definition, this is absolutely not safe, and should just be used as lowest level blocking feature (it's very easy to access the book definition and just read out the password, so don't use any password you use somewhere else!).

A basic hashing implementation might prove a useful addition, e.g. to allow md5 hashed passwords in the book definition. Note that this still would only keep users from using the book functionality. As the XML would still be accessible, the actual contents could be read anyways.


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Sets the password to use to protect the book.{{#if: |

  • See also: {{{see}}}}}
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